Truly Moving Pictures for Father’s Day  

In honor of Father’s Day, perhaps it is a good time to consider watching (or re-watching) one of the many father-themed Truly Moving Picture Award recipients. These are our suggestions for a movie-filled day spent with dad!

Glory Road

Sports films to watch with dad:

Glory Road: A rousing tale of a dedicated coach, Glory Road is about more than just basketball. With an African-American starting lineup, the coach of Texas Western refused to let racial stereotypes get in the way of forming a winning basketball team.

Rocky: One of the ultimate underdog sports films, Rocky tells the story of a down-on-his-luck boxer with one final chance at glory. An inspirational tale of courage and perseverance, Rocky is the perfect film to revisit with your father.

Hoosiers: If your father prefers basketball to boxing, why not take the time to watch Hoosiers this Father’s Day? The classic tale of a small-town Indiana high school basketball team that manages an improbable run toward the state championship, Hoosiers is a perfect fit for the basketball-loving dad in your life.

Saving Private Ryan

Action-packed films to watch with dad:

Saving Private Ryan: Often labeled as one of the most realistic war movies ever crafted, Saving Private Ryan is a compelling and engrossing look into the lives of men forced to experience and fight for courage, honor, and duty. This is a must-see for any dad who appreciates war movies.

Gladiator: The story of a man wronged by an evil regime, Gladiator tells the tale of a man fighting to restore his family’s memory and honor. This is the perfect film for the gladiator-loving dad in the family.

Spartacus: If Gladiator doesn’t have enough gladiators for your dad, check out this classic story of a slave leading a massive uprising against the corrupt and decadent Roman Empire. This tale of courage and justice is a long-time favorite of dads everywhere.

Father-themed films for the whole family:

Finding Nemo: What could be more perfect for Father’s Day than a thrilling tale of a dad’s harrowing journey to rescue his imprisoned son? Even though the primary characters are fish, their human qualities shine as Nemo’s father learns a thing or two about raising his son as he hurries to rescue him from a claustrophobic aquarium.

The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible is a perfect example of a self-sacrificing father willing to work a boring day job to support his family of superheroes. But when one last threat rises to threaten humanity, it will take more than just Mr. Incredible to be the ultimate hero in this modern classic practically custom-made for Father’s Day.

The Lion King: A tale every father and son can relate to, The Lion King is the story of a young boy (or lion cub, in this case) desperately trying to gain his father’s approval. Beset by a number of obstacles, the young cub eventually finds his own place in the world, guided by memories of his father.

The Boys are Back

Stories about dad:

The Boys are Back: A somber tale, at least at first, The Boys are Back relates the story of a sportswriter whose wife is taken from him. Faced with the challenge of raising two boys alone, he eventually finds a unique solution that works for his family. This is for fathers everywhere who have faced substantial obstacles in being a dad, particularly challenges with raising rambunctious young sons.

Grace is Gone: A little on the serious side, Grace is Gone tells a pertinent and difficult story of a dad faced with the challenge of raising his young girls alone, and how they find the strength to move on together.

Life is Beautiful: The utmost sacrifices are made by a dad in Life is Beautiful, as he tries to shelter his young son from the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II. By playing games and creating laughter, he teaches his son that even in times of utmost suffering there is a place for hope and resiliency in the human spirit.

The Pursuit of Happyness: Even more pertinent today, with a global financial crisis constantly in the news, The Pursuit of Happyness tells the story of what an out-of-work father will do to protect and support his son when faced with economic difficulties. An entirely relatable story in today’s workforce, the film will inspire dads everywhere who work hard for their families.

To Kill a Mockingbird: A role model for all fathers, Atticus Finch is at the center of this story about a white man defending a black man accused of rape in the segregated, pre-Civil Rights South. As a paragon of fatherly excellence, Atticus remains the ideal in any discussion on fatherhood.

Kramer vs. Kramer:  A career man makes an about-face in Kramer vs. Kramer when he is suddenly faced with losing his wife and son on account of forsaking his family for his career. This is the ultimate story of how a father will change and adapt in order to avoid forever losing his son.