How to Train Your Dragon | A Review from the Truly Moving Picture Jury  

How to Train Your Dragon ranks with the best features that Dreamworks has produced. Not since Shrek has there been such a wonderful collision of fantasy, wonderment, excitement, and humor.

The setting is fun and somewhat unique; Vikings populate a barren island, their only enemies being the dragons that occasionally attack to steal their sheep and destroy their homes.

In the midst of the excitement a young boy must come to terms with not being a typical Viking. He is small and puny, and not the great warrior that his dad had hoped he would be. He has other talents, though, that he explores as the film progresses. Along the way he discovers that not everything is as it seems, and even dragons mustn’t be judged by their fiery covers.

The film looks fantastic, with wonderful settings and vivid characters. The dragons are alternately fearsome and adorable, depending on the mood. The relationships among the Vikings are generally honest and convincing.

How to Train Your Dragon
is also quite hilarious, with abundant sight gags and humor both adult and childish. As a whole, the film succeeds admirably and is well worth enjoying with the entire family.”

-Tim, a Heartland Truly Moving Picture Jury Member