Award Winner WALL*E Opens Today!  

Heartland proudly announced the latest Truly Moving Picture Award winner to come to theaters. WALL*E is the newest Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar production, about a lone robot left behind on an uninhabitable Earth. Over 700 years, this garbage-processing machine develops one unexpected flaw–a personality!

The movie is a true Pixar triumph, stunning in detail and heartwarming in story. When EVE, a probe looking for signs of life on Earth, Wall*E can’t help but fall hopelessly for the sleek machine.  He spends every moment trying to impress her.  When she’s completed her directive, Wall*E sets aside his own duties to look after her.

In a wild series of adventures, Wall*E finds himself on the space station where Earth’s population now lives and in the middle of a fight between man and machine. Can he help EVE and the captain convince the computer to send the ship home? Can he convince EVE to look past his dirty, worn exterior to the witty robot inside?

Even with its sparse dialogue, kids and their parents alike will be captivated by this charming robot and his knack for getting in and out of sticky situations. Pixar’s signature attention to detail and subtle storytelling mean there are elements for young and old–kids will appreciate the goofy antics of the robots and their human counterparts, while parents will recognize certain relevant messages on the state of our collective consciousness today.

Learn more about the movie, then be sure to vote with your movie ticket this weekend. Check out the movie and send a message to Hollywood that audiences demand these Truly Moving Pictures!