Truly Moving Picture Award – Expanding a Movement

Heartland annually presents its Truly Moving Picture Award to theatrically released films that reflect the organization’s mission. These are films that take entertainment to a higher level, telling stories that display courage, integrity and hope. They move you to laughter. They move you to tears. They move you to action.

To further expand its reach, Heartland Truly Moving Pictures must continue to invest in the Truly Moving Picture Award. The award is one of the pillars of Heartland’s efforts to honor theatrically released films that aspire to make a positive difference.

National Marketing and Advertising
Your contribution supports marketing efforts designed to educate audiences on a national level about the purpose of the Award and to create awareness around honored films, so that audiences can continue to support them.

National Public Relations
Public relations is the invisible hand that can generate waves by creating discussion about the Award within the film industry. Your support makes it possible for us to deploy the public relations support required in order for us to achieve our campaign objectives.

National Partnerships
Heartland continues to forge successful partnerships with film studios, like-minded national non-profit organizations and our supporters to achieve our goal of making more uplifting films more accessible than ever. Your contribution plays an essential role in supporting these ongoing efforts.

Venture Fund
Opportunities to work with organizations in the film industry, including exhibitors and corporate entities, create programs with potential to generate significant revenue. Your support allows Heartland to capitalize on these opportunities as they arise.

The Heartland Truly Moving Pictures website serves in many capacities for a variety of people. It is a channel for both aspiring, independent filmmakers and industry veterans to showcase their work. At the same time, it is a resource for millions of people who are searching for more positive and uplifting films. The website also serves as a means for connecting likeminded individuals that can impact the world through the power of positive film.

Your contribution will help to support these important efforts, enabling Heartland to continue to develop the critical mass it needs to take its message to the masses.