F.I.L.M. is a movie curricula program for youth promoting literacy, activity-based learning and service.

F.I.L.M. Project

Finding Inspiration in Literature & Movies (F.I.L.M) was created in 2004 by Heartland Truly Moving Pictures and the National Collaboration for Youth (NCY). Its focus is the development and distribution of free curricula based on Truly Moving Picture Award-winning films to channel positive messages and life-affirming themes into the minds and lives of youth. The curricula is designed in conjunction with movie studios and youth educators to get youth reading and watching quality content, provoke thought and exploration of pertinent themes and issues, and inspire participation in theme-based activities and service projects.

Helpful Resources for Teaching with Movies

Use the supplemental guides below to learn more and help develop a program that works for you.

Teaching With Movies: A Guide for Parents and Educators (PDF)
This guide will help you provide an understanding of how youth behavior and decision-making abilities can be affected by movies, whether in the classroom or informal settings such as after-school programs or at home.
Service Learning Supplement (PDF)
This guide helps youth who engage in a volunteer activity spend time learning about the needs in their communities and addressing those needs through preparation, action, reflection, and celebration.
Engaging At Risk Youth In Service (PDF)
This guide is designed to provide an overview of the underlying theory and effective practices for engaging at risk youth in service by examining the roles they have played – and can play – in serving their communities.

About the National Collaboration for Youth

National Collaboration for Youth (NCY), a 30-year old organization, is a coalition of the National Assembly member organizations that have a significant interest in youth development. Members of NCY include more than 40 national, non-profit, youth development organizations, including Girls Scouts of the USA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the Y, and many others. The mission of NCY is to provide a united voice as advocates for youth to improve the conditions of young people in America, and to help young people reach their full potential.