Young Filmmakers Give Us Hope  

Claire Norton, Director of the Heartland Institute

Claire Norton, Director of the Heartland Institute

While the winners of the first ever Heartland High School Film Competition have not yet been announced, the process has been a remarkable one and we’d be remiss not to share.

As the 2010 HHSFC Call for Entries came to a close, I sat at my desk and eagerly watched the number of student film submissions increase. As the films piled up, I got more and more excited to dig in and watch each second of every student film. After watching them all wide-eyed, I’m happy to say that the results of this competition are going to blow you away.

In the inaugural year of the HHSFC, we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. Aspiring student filmmakers from 10 states and Canada answered our call to create films that embodied the theme of “Hope” and embraced the Heartland mission.

As our jury works its way through evaluating the films, not only are we enjoying learning what “Hope” means to a diverse set of young filmmakers, but we are realizing the tremendous talent that is ever-present among these youth. Their stories are bold, their ideas impressive and their desire and ability to create a well-told tale are admirable.

Through this competition we at Heartland are being reaffirmed in our belief that the future of filmmaking is bright and “Hope” is a lot more than just a theme. Hope is a sentiment shared by today’s youth, no matter what their situation. Whether it’s hope for their communities, hope for those people they have never met, or hope and belief that their future is going to be bright, the importance of “Hope” isn’t lost on a single young person.

Make sure you take time to come see what “Hope” means to the next generation at the 2010 Heartland Film Festival where the award-winning films will be screened and stay tuned for the winners to be announced in August.

-Claire Norton, Director of the Heartland Institute