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Film & Acting Workshop Archive

Whether you are an educator, parent, aspiring filmmaker or someone that simply wants to learn more about the art of filmmaking, Heartland Institute’s Film & Acting Workshop archive provides an added resource for your filmmaking journey. Browse the various workshops below to learn more.

Scriptwriting with Andie Redwine
June 18, 2011

Writer of 2010 Heartland Film Festival Official Selection, Paradise Recovered, Andie Redwine takes the audience through the process of writing a screenplay. Using examples from clips of past Heartland Film Festival films, she compares and contrasts the script with the action on screen and demonstrate the ways a writer’s vision and words come to life. Redwine also focuses on creating authentic dialogue, a crucial component of any great film. Watch now.

The Life of a Motion Designer with Brian Phillips
April 21, 2011

A Motion Designer may be a new term to most, but the work of a Motion Designer shows up in many aspects of media and entertainment. From title graphics on the silver screen to apps on the mobile screen, a Motion Designer’s work enhances the audience’s experience. A Motion Designer’s skills are rooted in graphic design, but extend to film making and animation. Brian Phillips, creative director at the Basement Design + Motion, will walk us through his journey as a Motion Designer and breakdown his production pipeline in Adobe After Effects. Watch now.

A Discussion on Independent Filmmaking – Part 1
October 18, 2010

Elliot V. Kotek, the former Editor-in-Chief of Moving Pictures magazine, current contributor to The Hollywood Reporter, Little White Lies and MovieMaker as well as Entertainment Correspondent for ABC Radio, discusses using social media to make and promote films. Following Kotek, 2010 Heartland Film Festival Official Selection filmmaker Chip Hackler shares the collaborative process of making his short film Two Hours in the Dark, which tells a fascinating story about Frank Capra.  Then 2010 Heartland Film Festival Award-winning filmmaker of The Road Home, Rahul Gandotra discusses the making of his short film, The Road Home. Watch now.

A Discussion on Independent Filmmaking – Part 2
October 18, 2010

A panel consisting of 2010 Award-winning and Official Selection filmmakers answers audience questions on topics ranging from writing, directing, producing and much more.  Panelists Elliot Kotek, Gustavo Ron, Alex Etel, Andie Redwine, Storme Wood, Sultan Sharrief, Sabrina Quinn, Rick Stevenson, Googy Gress, James Keach and Trevor Albert cap off a full day of inspiration and insight by sharing their filmmaking experiences in way that’s certain to keep filmmakers motivated and working away at their next film. Watch now.

Chris Witt: On Editing
September 30, 2009

Award winning editor Christ Witt takes us through key aspects of both the science and the art of weaving together sight, sound and music into cinematic rhythm and harmony. Chris edited 2009 Heartland Film Festival Crystal Heart Award-winning short, Kavi and 2010 Crystal Heart Award, Vision Award for Best Short Film and Audience Choice Award-winning short, The Butterfly Circus. Watch now.

Cinema Magic: Acting for the Camera
April 15, 2010

Utilizing aspiring actors and actresses in the audience, nationally recognized acting teacher Richard Robichaux discusses the necessary skills and insights actors will need to step into the business of acting for the camera. Watch now.

Opening Session with Don Hahn
October 19, 2009

Don Hahn, producer of such films as Disney’s, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, as well as director of 2009 Crystal Heart Award-winning film, Waking Sleeping Beauty, shares his insights and expertise. Watch now.

Crystal Heart Award Filmmaker Panel
October 19, 2009

A panel of the 2009 Crystal Heart Award winners share insights on independent filmmaking. Watch now.

Closing Session with Directors/Writers of Entre Nos
October 19, 2009

The Closing Session featured Gloria La Morte and Paola Mendoza from Entre Nos as they share insights into the making of the film and a workshop on acting. Watch Now.

The Business of Filmmaking with Johan Bos
April 30, 2009

Documentary producer, Johan Bos discusses how to produce a film for its message and instructs you how to research and include the elements that are important to program directors. Watch now.

The Making of a Short Film with Kurt Kuenne
January 29, 2009

Two-time Heartland Film Festival Crystal Heart Award-winning filmmaker Kurt Kuenne screens installments from his popular short film series, discusses the making of the films – from conception to completion – and the process of getting a film seen. Kuenne answers questions budding filmmakers want to know about low budget production, the merits of making short films verses feature films, fiction verses documentary and the world of film festivals. Watch Now.