Daily trivia from the Heartland Film Festival  

My Name is Jerry is one of the only feature length films to be entirely funded by a university. It took director Morgan Mead two years to convince Ball State University to fund the film, but once it got going they shot the film in only 21 days!


They bought in only a couple of professionals from the movie industry for the filming. A crew of about 60 students filled out the rest of the production staff. They had to go through a two week boot camp prior to filming!


Morgan, alongside story-creator Andrew Janoch, created the film as a showcase for actor Doug Jones. They wanted to develop a role and a film to showcase his actual face (Doug has appeared in most of his films under heavy plastic makeup, such as when he played The Silver Surfer in F4: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Abe Sapien in Hellboy and Hellyboy 2: The Golden Army.) Doug has stated that he is eternally grateful to Morgan for the opportunity!