2009 Heartland Film Festival Schedule & Tickets Now Available!  

We are so thrilled to present to you our 2009 Heartland Film Festival line-up! This year brings a lot of new and exciting changes including an improved ticketing system, an extended schedule and a brand new, Sneak Peek line-up of some of our new Truly Moving Pictures Award recipients.

This year tickets are available to purchase at various Marsh Supermarket locations, by phone, at the theaters during the Festival and now online where you can print your tickets right from home! Get all the information and details on how to get your tickets.

In response to overwhelming demand, this year we have extended the schedule to two weekends packed full of screenings and giving you 10 inspired days of independent films from around the world! Not only has this given you a chance to see more of the films, it has increased the number of screenings for a record high of 84!

Another record breaking event, Heartland Truly Moving Pictures as awarded more films in 2009 than ever before with our Truly Moving Picture Award. This has given us a chance to provide you a sneak peek at some of the films coming soon to theaters; Bright Star, Precious and Waking Sleeping Beauty! Be sure to check out the synopses, clips and trailers for these Truly Moving Pictures!

We are looking forward to another successful year at the Heartland Film Festival and look forward to joining you at this year’s event! Now, go check out the films and start creating your schedule!