War Horse is a Truly Moving Picture Award winner!  

We’re excited to announce Steven Spielberg’s War Horse as our latest TMPA winner! The film, courtesy of DreamWorks and Disney, hits theaters nationwide on December 25. The film tells the story of a courageous horse around the time of World War I. The story follows the horse as he makes his way across Europe as part of the war machine. But the entire time this War Horse belongs to only one person – the young boy who raised him and trained him in England leading up to the war.

Our TMPA jury enjoyed the film, particularly the beautiful cinematography and strong themes of courage, loyalty and hope. The juxtaposition of horrific war scenes with the rolling landscapes of England and France were found to be thoughtfully executed, as in all of Spielberg’s films. The jury especially appreciated the way soldiers from both sides of the trenches are humanized, particularly in a key climactic scene featuring German and British soldiers in the middle of No Man’s Land. All in all, the jury found the film to be an epic tale told with strong and resilient themes that, even if it is sad at times, is definitely a Truly Moving Picture Award winner.