The River Why On My List of Festival Favorites!  

Amber Chance Markov, Director of Finance and Administration

Who doesn’t love a good-looking guy and free-spirited woman (equally as good-looking) that share a passion and way of life for fishing? Throw in a philosopher, beautiful scenery, a well-known columnist and you have a young man on his way to self-discovery in The River Why.

What I love most about this movie is the fishing!  Just kidding… kind of.  It’s amazing how fishing can do so much for one person.  For Gus, it feeds him, teaches him respect, returns him to his roots and helps him find love.  And love is what it’s all about! From the first time Gus meets Eddy, you know it’s love at first sight, at least for Gus. With the help of his newly-found friend and a newspaper writer, Gus begins to view life from a different perspective and grabs the attention of Eddy.

From there on out, it’s a classic boy-turns-into-man-who-gets-the-girl story! It’s heartwarming and natural. My favorite film of the 2010 Festival!