The Muppets wins the Truly Moving Picture Award!  

We’re proud to announce our newest TMPA winner! Opening on November 23, The Muppets hits theaters just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The film charmingly brings back the beloved cast of “The Muppets” in a new story that pits them, ultimately, against a rich oil tycoon. To make enough money to buy back their old studio they have to stage a new show, something they haven’t done in years. With the help of some new friends, Kermit sets out to reunite the old gang, and save the Muppet Studio!

Our TMPA jurors were enamored with the film. Those who remembered the Muppets’ antics of years past were reengaged and delighted, and those who hadn’t been Muppets fans were freshly introduced to the gang. The tongue-in-cheek style of the film is always poking fun, but only at the Muppets themselves. This allows the film to have a pervasively positive tone, and the silliness and humor of the dialogue make the positive messages of growing up and staying friends all the easier to understand. All in all, The Muppets was roundly received by the jury, and a rare unanimous winner of the Truly Moving Picture Award!