The Help is a TMPA winner!  

We’re excited to announce that The Help is a Truly Moving Picture Award winner! The film will be released on August 10 in theaters around the country. The Help is based on the explosive book of the same name, and is brought to the big screen by Dreamworks and Disney.

The Help revolves around the town of Jackson, Mississippi, in the 1960′s. Skeeter (Emma Stone) is strongly determined to go to college and get a job, despite the pressure from her mother and upper crust friends to find a rich husband and settle down. As she begins writing for the local newspaper she becomes troubled by some of the blaring social issues in the town: the mistreatment and abuse of the black women who keep house and raise the children of the rich families. With the help of Aibileen (Viola Davis) she starts collecting the stories she’ll need to publish her book and set Jackson on fire.

Our Truly Moving Picture Award jury found the film absolutely delightful. The subject matter is necessary and still relevant today, and they were especially impressed with how sensitively the film handled such a difficult topic. The jury felt that there wasn’t a single weak performance from the ensemble cast, and rich period details helped involve them in the themes that were presented. For a film based on a book, it couldn’t have been done any better!