Nativity! Makes My List of Festival Favorites  

Katie Pellerin, Director of Truly Moving Picture Awards

I dare you to watch this film and not love it! It’s hard to come by a film that is so light-hearted yet funny and very honest. There are so many positive messages – truth, honesty, courage – in the film for children as well as adults and they are presented with great humor and relatability.

In the beginning, Martin Freeman’s character (yes, that’s right – Tim from the British version of “The Office”!) is much like the Scrooge of the story. He once was an actor but unlike his actor comrades, he did not continue a career in the field. He instead became a bitter, grouchy teacher. (Poor kids.) But with the help of his crazy sidekick/student teacher and a bunch of incredibly adorable children who have a passion for showing their talents, he comes to love the time of year (and the stage) once again. With a chance that his ex-girlfriend from years past (whom of course he still loves) may come to the big show all the way from Hollywood, he works hard to make sure his students’ version of Nativity! is unlike any other.

Above all else, you will adore the kids in the film and your kids will have a blast watching it. Dancing, singing and downright silliness mixed with British humor? You can’t go wrong! Join us for a Family Movie Event you won’t want to miss!

Katie A. Pellerin
Director, Truly Moving Picture Awards