F.I.L.M. Project in Action  

Erin Brown, Educator

This past spring I decided to try and use the F.I.L.M. guide for The Express for a seventh grade AVID class where I was a student teacher.  For those who haven’t been exposed to the program, AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.  I thought that the values that were laid out in the guide for the film and the accompanying article from Saturday Evening Post were perfect for the students in this class.  Some of these values included strength of character, individual determination, positive thinking, and discipline.  These are all values that we pushed hard in the AVID class.  It was refreshing for the students to actually see a film that promoted what we preached, and made it seem “cool”.  They became very interested in Ernie Davis and each day would come to class wanting to see what happened next!  It was inspiring to me watch the impact of positive film has on youth.  Thanks to Heartland Truly Moving Pictures for creating the  free curriculum! I hope that I am able to utilize other F.I.L.M. guides as I had a very positive experience with this one.

Please consider your support of the F.I.L.M. Project by making a contribution of $25 towards the $9,000 goal to create 3 new F.I.L.M. Guides so that other educators like me can continue to utilize this amazing resource.

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