Dolphin Tale wins the TMPA!  

We’re proud to announce that Dolphin Tale is the newest winner of our Truly Moving Picture Award! Produced by Alcon Entertainment, the studio that gave us The Blind Side, the film will be released on September 23 by Warner Bros. It tells the inspiring story of the dolphin Winter (who plays herself in the movie!), who has been injured and stranded on the beach. Helped by a marine animal hospital, and the pluck and determination of a young boy and young girl, Winter must learn to survive with a prosthetic tail.

Our TMPA jury felt sure that Dolphin Tale perfectly matched the attributes of a Truly Moving Picture Award winner. They stated that the movie grew on them and they were sucked in, particularly as the film approached the end and the various themes all tied together. These themes resonated with the jury, particularly the fact that even a damaged creature (like Winter or the soldiers returning from the war) has value and can do incredible things. The fact that the inspirational story is based on true events only makes the film that much more powerful!