Discover Waste Land  

Peggy Monson, Vice President for Advancement

A movie about the largest garbage dump in the world.  Really.  When I put the DVD in the player, I thought this might be something like I would see on the Discovery Channel or read in the Guinness Book of World Records. I was mildly interested, at best.

Instead, I watched the story of what happens when a world renown artist chooses as his subject the people who live and work every day picking through a Brazilian landfill and meets their leader, a young man with a vision to unite and lift up his people.

I didn’t expect to see these ordinary people showcased through the eyes of an artist who saw the beauty and nobility in their circumstance; who through the sale of his art enables their leader to realize his dream to bring dignity and hope and prosperity to his people.

So this isn’t really a movie about the largest garbage dump in the world.  It is about the triumph of wills –the triumph of the human spirit. It is about believing in something bigger than yourself and achieving great things.

Go discover the abundance of Waste Land.