A Film that Provides a New Perspective on the Small Things  

Allison Ackmann, Front Desk Administrator

I know what you’re probably thinking: “A movie about a parking lot? Are you kidding me?”  Trust me – It’s much more than a movie about a parking lot.

The Parking Lot Movie is documentary about a parking lot in Charlottesville, Virginia gives the viewer an inside look at the tight knit community of parking attendants. Past and present attendants from all walks of life come together to discuss the bond created the moment they’re hired by parking lot owner Chris Farina. The eclectic group of students, artists, philosophers and musicians prove that it’s more than just a parking lot.

From patrons not wanting to pay to people breaking the gates to the fear of carrying a large wad of cash at the end of the evening shows us that the seemingly easy job of taking money and parking cars is actually a battle of humanity. As each attendant recounts his time as an attendant the camaraderie becomes evident across generations.

The hilarious stories will stick with you and I guarantee this will give you entirely new perspective on parking attendants.