A Big Leap for Positive Visual Media  

As you know, Heartland Truly Moving Pictures strives to honor filmmakers for creating films that bring out the best of the human spirit, both in the independent and theatrical realms. At a higher level, these films have the potential to greatly impact our culture. We’ve heard for years that visual media can play a vital role in a person’s understanding and perception of the world, especially at a young age. So although our mission is ultimately to honor these filmmakers, it goes without saying that the purpose is to send positive messages to audiences of all ages. The more films available with enriching themes, the more people may begin to shed light on troubling issues and deal with these issues in a positive way.

All that being said, we discovered something interesting that is happening in visual media that could greatly support this concept. A made-for-TV movie titled Secrets of the Mountain is scheduled to broadcast on NBC this Friday, April 16 at 8/7 central. The movie is about a single mother who brings her children to a cabin in the mountains and together they learn the value of positive family relationships through generosity, honesty and togetherness.

So, what makes it different than any other made-for-TV movie? Well, what’s interesting about this particular TV movie is that its sole purpose is to promote positive values and offer “family-friendly” alternatives to the masses. The movie is endorsed by Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble, two huge names in the advertising world through the “Wal-Mart’s Family Moments” program. Executives from both companies agree that the values represented in this movie are in short supply on television. They’ve also stated that they have, stepped up scrutiny of the shows that get their ad dollars and have been asking TV executives to offer more wholesome programming.

Because these two big spenders in the advertising world may be focusing more on this type of programming, Secrets of the Mountain could be the beginning of a big movement toward positive media.

So what does this have to do with the Heartland audience? There’s a chance that NBC will pick this plot up as a television series. This means that by simply watching the TV movie on Friday you have a chance to make a statement that you support positive visual media. If the movie seems to be loved by the masses, then NBC may take it on.

Overall, we know our audience as a whole strives to make a positive impact and this is another way you can do so. Read more about Secrets of the Mountain here.