NPR Puts TMPs on their “Movies Worth Another Look” List for 2008  

This time of year is a movie-lover’s dream.  The studios trot out the best of the best so that heavy hitters like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Revolutionary Road are fresh on Academy voter’s minds.  

But what about the first half of 2008?  What about all those great movies that came out in January, February and March?  National Public Radio movie critic Bob Mondello has taken the time to recommend a handful of movies from these forgotten months.

Under The Same MoonSeveral worthy movies make the cut, but most notably are the inclusion of two Fox Searchlight releases recognized as Truly Moving Picture Award winners.  Young @ Heart, the story of a senior-citizen’s choir that performs the likes of Coldplay and Sonic Youth, and Under The Same Moon (pictured), about a young Mexican boy who manages to cross the border in search of his mother in southern California, are both small films that aren’t getting quite as much play in the press these days as they may deserve.

Also on the list is the character portrait The Visitor, recognized by Heartland as a movie that will give you something to think about as well.

Both are available on DVD, so you can add them to a Netflix queue with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Too much work for you?  Leave a comment here and we’ll select one lucky moviefan to get a copy of each on DVD!

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