First day of screenings under way!  

We’re about halfway through the first full day of screenings! Many of the screenings are being followed by question and answer sessions with the filmmakers.  The collections of Short Films are always popular, considering that you can talk to three or four filmmakers afterward, instead of one! So far Shorts Collection #2 has screened, and was followed by a thorough Q&A session with Dean Yamada (director, Bicycle (Jitensha)), Christian Sonderby Jepsen (director, Side by Side), Jeremiah Crowell (director, Small Collection), and Chris Witt (editor, Kavi.)

The Shorts Collection #1 will screen shortly, with appearances by Melody George (director, Marbles With Thoreau), Irene Taylor Brodsky (The Final Inch), and Daniel Harrich (producer, Acholiland). Irene is no stranger to Heartland; her Crystal Heart Award-winning Documentary Feature Hear and Now won the Best Documentary Feature award and will be on DVD starting next week! There’s still time to make it; come and join us for the Crystal Heart Award-winning shorts!

Filmmakers from the Dramatic Features scheduled to attend include:
- Renè Bo Hansen (director) of The Eagle Hunter’s Son
- Gloria La Morte (co-director and co-writer) and Paola Mendoza (co-director, co-writer, and star) of Entre Nos
- Zvi Spielmann (producer) of For My Father
- Omri Givon (director and writer) and Eldad Prives (star) of Seven Minutes in Heaven
- Philippe Lioret (director) of Welcome

Filmmakers from the Documentary Features scheduled to attend include:
- Hilla Medalia (director) and James Lecesne (producer and featured individual) of After the Storm
- Dag Hoel (producer), Håvard Bustnes (director) and Ole Klemetsen (featured individual) of Big John
- Gabriel Noble (director), Priscilla (P-Star) Diaz and Jesse Diaz (featured individuals) of P-Star Rising
- Eureka and Sdudla Sibiya (featured individuals) of Rough Aunties
- Greg Barker (producer/director) of Sergio