Award Winner PRINCE CASPIAN opens Friday!  

The latest movie to receive the Truly Moving Picture Award is headed to theaters on Friday, May 16, and this much-anticipated sequel is one not to miss!

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian continues the saga of Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter Pevensie as they’re beckoned back to Narnia to help save a civilization on the brink of extinction. Check out the trailer:

Visit the official site to book your tickets now–we’re already hearing rumors that this one is selling out in some cities! Learn more about the Award here.

Prince Caspian is also part of the FILM Project, a youth-oriented service learning program that creates free, downloadable curriculum for use with book and the films adapted from them.

So get to the theater this weekend and check out this Award winner, then jump back here and tell us what you think!

UPDATE – Read the Press Release announcing the Award.